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Support the community and a variety of charitable initiatives

Play with Purpose

In 2013, the Shakerz played in a series of tournaments in support of various initiatives. Play with Purpose is a means "To Give..." our collective effort while representing, supporting and saluting those dealing with one of life's many speed bumps or roadblocks. Lax often...

Being able to play lax at this level and help stop what took my grandmother from my family at the same time is something I look at as a blessing every time I suit up in my Shakerz gear. We have been able to create more than just a lacrosse team here... a true brotherhood and from a kid who didn’t start playing until college, only played club ball, and is far from the fastest, biggest, or smartest lax IQ wise, the guys really make me feel like I belong on this team.
— George Rohonczy (SSZ Member)
We talked about how the SSZ Invy 13’ really was effective at reigniting the passion for the game, but also for reiterating why we love playing with the Shakerz. Good guys on and off the field, for sure. Every year, the tourney gets better... the Pink Scrimmage/alumni game is the best hour of lacrosse all year. Let me know more about growing the game too. If there are chances to volunteer to help introduce lacrosse to kids, I’d love to get involved.
— Charlie Davidson (SSZ Member)
Thanks for all that you do to represent this great game. You have touched my family’s life in ways you may not understand, but keep doing what you’re doing and Lax Often
— Anonymous
Thank you guys for doing the right thing.
— Anonymous
Win or Lose, these guys are always smiling... Great vibe, love watching them play!
— Anonymous
A note to say thank you…

I first learned about the Shakerz in 2013 and reached out to them because my wife is battling breast cancer and my son wanted to have a way to honor his mother when he plays.

I have had the great experience coaching lacrosse in Coppell, Texas (suburb of Dallas) for the past few years. During this time, my wife has battled breast cancer twice. I wanted to reach out to the Salt Shakerz to see if they could provide some gear for my son Davis to represent his mom. What they did goes beyond the call of duty. A few days after reaching out, we got a care package with T-Shirts, stickers, gear, socks, sunglasses and more, and it was all pink! This made my son’s year, and ours too. Then, they put us in touch with Warrior, who gave my son a FREE pair of the custom pink Salt Shakerz Gloves and pink shaft. Their response represents what lacrosse is all about, love!

I will make sure that everyone knows what a great organization the Shakerz are and what they stand for can make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you Shakerz and thank you for your cause, it doesn’t go unnoticed.
— A fellow laxer in Texas